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‘Log2space Edge’ Server Optional Modules
  Lease Line Module:
  Lease Line Manager: Apart from Residential clients broadband sites often have corporate customers too. Log2space software gives the option to ISP’s to have lease line customers whom the administrator can allot a Live IP pool or a single IP from the Lease IP Pool and set their QoS depending upon their requirements. No PPPoE login is required for Lease Line Customers as they are always connected to the web. The Lease Line Customers can optionally be authenticated by their MAC address. The Lease Line Manager feature can also be used to support VOIP Devices of customers incase those devices do not support PPPoE based authentication. Lease Line Customers are given a login to the Log2space Server to view their Bandwidth usage graphs for the day, week, month and single year since their connection was started.
  Franchisee Manager Module for Pre-paid Customers:
  Most Broadband ISP’s in India have a franchisee based business model whereby the Main ISP provides the Bandwidth and Marketing Support and the Local Cable Operator provides the last mile connectivity to the customer. Log2space Franchisee Manager provides the perfect tool to Large ISP’s to manage their Franchisees or the Local Cable Operators in the most efficient manner. Franchisees are given limited rights to generate prepaid pins upto the amount which the franchisee has made to the ISP. The ISP can set different discounts for all the plans for different franchisees on the same server. Option to collect service tax and additional taxes is also provided by the franchisee manager module. The franchisee can login to the Log2space franchisee manager to see the details of payments made by them to the ISP and the Pins generated by them along with the balance amount available with them for further generation of Pins.
  Site Analysis Module:
  Site Analysis provides the following analyzing tools:
» Bar charts to help us analyze usage activity patterns. It gives Total Users, Online Users & Disabled Users on the Server during a given time of the day, week, month and year. It would help in analyzing peak usage demand for optimizing BW allocation to the site.
» Pie charts to analyze plan wise user distribution. This gives the marketing dept. a tool to identify the best selling plans which helps in deciding future strategies, new plans etc.
» Bar charts which show the number of Pins activated at the site each month. Pins for each plan can also be viewed in bar charts.
» Bar charts which show the monthly Sales turnover of prepaid pins at the site. Sale of each plan can also be viewed in bar charts.
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